Xtended XT v7.6

Currentely We are rebasing sources to June security patch and It’s taking a lot of time, So We have decided to release one more version of Projext-Xtended with May security patch. So have a look of new changes…. Changelog for Xtended XT-v7.6 A13 Build -:

* Bump up release version to v7.6
* Optimised Download/Upload notification animations
* Transparent footer action
* Aligned footer action to center
* Fix Pink Battery on random users
* Added haptics intensities for volume, brightness slider & edge scroll
* Added volume styles
* Added Global VPN
* Improved notification ticker
* Added Show daily data usage to QS footer
* Added Unlimited G-Photos toggle
* Added Netflix spoof toggle
* Add missing icons for bluetooth & Wi-Fi timeout
* Added illustrations for charging, Display, Gesture & Sound
* Added battery usage bar like OOS
* And many other improvements

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Download ROM :- Release XT-v7.6

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