Xtended XT v7.5

Changelog for Xtended XT-v7.5 A13 Build -:

* Bump up release version to v7.5
* Added SettingsUI.
* Added Custom header image support.
* Fixed udfps force close in some cases
* Added breathing aod udfps icon from nothingos
* Optimized glass blur effect
* Added pause app feature
* Added multiple brightness slider theme
* Added kill button to notification guts
* Removed marquee from qs tile label
* Fixed qs clock color issue with theme change
* Added option to hide ADB & Developer settings from apps
* Added Auto dim service
* Added optional haptic feedback on scrolling
* Fixed double tap power to torch
* Added GMS switch
* Fixed QR code scanner
* Removed partial screenshot
* Added various DNS provider
* Aosp recovery rebrand to Xtended recovery
* Added charging sound toggle
* Added charging vibration toggle
* Added split notifacation shade
* Exposed double tap power button camera gesture
* And many other improvements

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Download ROM :- Release XT-v7.5

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