Xtended XT v7.0

Changelog for Xtended XT-v7.0 A13 Build -:

* Bump up release version to v7.0
* Updated to May 2023 security patches (android-13.0.0_r43)
* Fixed Unlimited Google photos
* Fixed 90Fps in few games
* Fixed FOD animation not working on resolution change
* Added QS header image
* Added preferred network tile
* Added Long click settings icon to Xtensions on QS footer
* Improved QS tiles dimensions
* Added glass blur effect on QS panel
* Added systemUI restart api
* Added LS clock size configuration
* Added LS clock color configuration
* Added screen off FOD
* Added toggle to unlink ringtone & notification volume
* Added LS bottom shortcut
* Added configurable sensor block per package
* Added toggle for floating rotation button
* Added statusbar clock background chip
* Added Android P animation
* Added brightness slider styles
* Added signature spoofing
* Move blur toggle to Settings > Display
* Fixed blurry recent issue in some cases
* Added shake to clear recent
* Added Vibrate on double tap to sleep 
* Added more FOD icons & animations
* And many other improvements

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Download ROM :- Release XT-v7.0

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