Xtended Announcement

Dear Brother, Sisters, Well-Wishers, Haters & Everyone Else,

Here again we, The Team Xtended, coming to you all. But this time, unlike always, is not for releasing a new build or some normal announcements.

Since the last few releases we aren’t able to deliver what we wanted to. This is not the Xtended of ours from Oreo, Android 8 times,which was known to add features from forward ports or from taking reference from other commits and implementing it all together to new things. To be honest, we ourselves haven’t been satisfied with our own builds since the start of Android 13. This has happened because both the Lead Devs, Mukesh & SuperDroidBond don’t have much of time left after having a full time job, hectic schedule, families, friends, etc.

Thus, We, Team Xtended, have decided to Permanently Close the project, forever.

As said, it’s painful for us to abandon our own work and such a wonderful community, friends & devs from whom either we have taken help or have kanged from them.

Lastly, we would like to Thank You All for all the support, help, inspiration, reference, donations and reports.

Wish You All A Joyous & Prosperous Future Ahead !!!

Best Regards: Team-Xtended

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