Xtended XT v2

Changelog for Xtended XT-v2 A13 Build -:

* Merged October 2022 patch android-13.0.0_r7
* Launch Xtensions Settings when long clicking settings 
* Allow to disable QS footer warnings
* Lockscreen Clock font customizations
* Navbar layout inversion
* Added HeadsUP
* HeadsUP timeout, sooze option
* Less boring headsup
* HeadsUP blacklist/stoplist
* Added one shot AutoBrightness
* Added AOD QS tile
* Added option AOD on charge
* Added 0, 90, 180 & 270 degree rotation
* Hide status bar option
* Added option Volume panel location (Left/Right)
* Added Battery charge option
* Improved screen recorder layout
* Added burn in protection option
* Redesigned brightness slider
* Fixed Battery estimate
* Added Live volume steps
* Hardware key customizations
* Added taskbar option
* QS footer icon visibility
* Added statusbar brightness control
* Allow toggling privacy indicators
* Bring back seprate wifi & data QS tiles
* Added transparent QS panel option
* Allow to adjust back gesture height
* Allow extended/"L" back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities
* Added partial screenshot action
* Added haptic feedback on back gesture
* Added a toggle for QS footer text
* Added Edge lighting customizations
* Added breathing missedcall/sms/voicemail
* Added bluetooth & Data panel
* Added unlinked ringtone & notification volume
* Added Wifi & bluetooth timeout options
* Added Ambient category to Xtensions
* Added missing lottie animations
* Added GrapheneOS camera as default camera
* Improved Files (DocumentsUI) app

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