Xtended XT v3

Changelog for Xtended XT-v3 A13 Build -:

* Merged November 2022 patch android-13.0.0_r13
* Added Ambient customization
* Added Ambient music ticker
* Added Aperture as default camera
* Added APP lock
* Added Battery bar
* Added Bluetooth timeout
* Added Custom avatar selection to settings homepage
* Added FaceUnlock
* Added Gallery2 as default gallery app
* Added GameSpace
* Added Long press power button for torch
* Added LS charging icon on charging animation
* Added Monet theme engine
* Added Multi-sim ringtone
* Added Pulse
* Added QS tile layout
* Added quick unlock
* Added Randomizing MAC addresses
* Added Reapainter app support
* Added Reticker
* Added Scramble pin
* Added Screen off animations  
* Added Smart replies for apps lower then API 28
* Added Statusbar & QS logo
* Added USB tethering QS tile
* Added WiFI timeout
* Fixed Default LS clock font
* Fixed Device integrity issue
* Fixed Long press volume to change track
* Fixed Nfc isn't working in some cases
* Fixed One handed mode
* Fixed Show tap still showing after stopping screen recording
* Fixed Wrong LS charging info
* Limit Keyguard charging stats update rate to 2 seconds
* Open cast settings on long click Cast tile
* Reduce Screen Refresh Rate on display dim
* Removed pixel theme stub in favour of monet engine
* Revamped AOSP Dialer (Many new options & visual changes)
* Revamped Launcher
* Disabled all-caps for smart reply button text
* Update default wallpaper

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