Xtended XR v5.0

Changelog for Xtended XR v5.0 -:

* Merged Feb 2021 security Patch r31
* Release version bump to v5.0
* Added Gvisual mod
* Fixed Bubbles crash
* Fixed On-The-Go in Power menu
* Fixed renaming file and moving file issue in MTP
* Fixed to prevent usagestats file corruption when writing
* Fixed initialization of USER_ROTATION setting. 
* Fixed guest icon is not clickable after adding user 
* Fixed broadcast receivers overflow for system_server 
* Smoother Upload and Download Animation 
* Remove screen on/off triggers for NetworkTraffic
* NfcTile: Don't create an error when editing tiles
* Fixed some logspam
* Dismiss QS when screen's going off if showing 
* Update Bluetooth battery level icon outline
* A lot of optimizations and fixup here & there

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Download ROM :- Release v5.0

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