Xtended XR v6.0

The source has been completely rebased, so we're considering this as an initial build after the hiatus. 
So no changelog is provided for this release. From next release you'll get a proper changelog. 
However, a few important key points to consider:

* Updated to May security patch
* Release version bumped to v6.0
* Builds are signed with private keys. 
(This helps improve security and you get to verify if the build is genuine or tampered with. 
Furthermore, all apps that detect root will work fine without magisk hide.)
* OTA out of box for hassel-free updates.

A few things to keep in mind:

* Please do not compare v6.0 with v5.0
* Don't complain about missing features.
* More features will be added with future builds

Please do share your reviews and feedback HERE.

Download ROM :- Release v6.0

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Best Regards Team-Xtended

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