Xtended XR v4.0

Changelog for Xtended XR v4.0 -:

* Merged Jan 2021 security Patch r27
* Release version bump to v4.0
* Fixed HW key support
* Removed PixelPropsUtils
* Added config to disable CDMA call forward/waiting 
* Added VoWifi notification for emergency calls 
* Added vibrating for outgoing call accepted support 
* Allow scaling default wallpaper to screen size 
* Skip screen-on animation in all scenarios
* Increased default max password length to 64 
* Allow VT calls when tty-on 
* Added Switch styles
* Turn on development settings by default 
* Added DeskClock in powersave whitelist 
* Fixed VoLTE icon padding
* Fixed Implement click to take partial screenshot 
* Fixed screenshot not showing in power menu 
* Added Xtended Stats app
* Updated Xtended Boot animation
* Updated Xtended Lottie animation

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Download ROM :- Release v4.0

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