MSM Xtended XR Release v1.0

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well.

As always, since oreo, Xtended is famous for releasing new Android version with a bang. Thus we would like to keep the tradition on going.

Allow us to welcome you to Android 11 aka Android R of MSM Xtended, XR v1.0.

So, let’s see what all we have to offer in the very first release MSM Xtended based on Android R -:


1) Display
   a) DPI Settings
   b) Font Size Options
2) Sound
   a) Volume Steps
   b) Notification-Ring Toggles
   c) Screenshot Sound toggle
3) Security
   a) Scramble Pin
   b) Quick Unlock with Pin Input
4) Battery
    a) Smart charging
    b) Battery health

Options Inside Xtensions

1) Theme Room
   a) Themes
   b) RGB Accent
   c) Font Options
   d) RGB Gradient
   e) SB Icon
   f) Qs Icons
   g) QS Tile Tint Options (accent, gradient & random)
   h) QS Tile Label Tint Options (accent, gradient & random)

2) Buttons
   a) Volume Button Options
   b) Button Customizations (Long Press, Double Press, etc.)
   c) Button Backlight 
   d) Button ANBI

3) Decor Room
   a) Animations (System, Qs Tile, etc.)
   b) Battery Styles
4) Gestures
   a) AOSP Gestures
   b) Power Button Torch
   c) Lockscreen Double Tap
   d) StatusBar Double Tap
   e) 3-Finger Screenshot
5) Lockscreen
   a) Hide Bottom Shortcuts
   b) Lockscreen Charging Info
   c) Lockscreen UI
      i) LS Clocks (Clocks, Font, Colors, Size, Alignment, etc.)
      ii) LS Date (Background, Font, Colors, Size, Alignment, etc.)
      iii) LS Owner Info (Background, Font, Colors, Size, Alignment, etc.)
      iv) Other LS Element color options

6) Nav Bar 
   a) System Navigation
   b) Nav Bar Tuner
7) Notifications
   a) Heads Up
   b) Battery Lights
   c) Notification Lights
   d) In-Call Vibrate Options
   e) Breathing Notifications
8) Power Menu Options
   a) Advance Power Menu Options
   b) Power Menu Options
9) Quick Settings
   a) QS QuickBar Settings
   b) QS Tile Column Config
   c) QS Tile Title Config
   d) QS Tile Vibrate Toggle
10) StatusBar
    a) StatusBar Tuner
    b) Network Traffic Options
    c) 4G for LTE toggle
11) System
    a) Screenshot Type
12) Xtra Options
    a) Wake up on charging

Please do share your reviews and feedback down in the comments. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

Hope You All Enjoy the XR Release v1.0.

Download ROM :- Release v1.0

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