MSM Xtended XR v2.0

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all are doing good.

Team Xtended wishes A Happy Halloween and A Very Happy & Auspicious Diwali to You & Your Family.

As the Security Patch is out, we are on a task to update every device associated with us. As always, along with patches we have added a few goodies gathered from here and there.

Let’s see what we got for MSM Xtended XR v2.0 -:

* Merged November Security patch
* Added our new cool Bootanimation
* Added MicroG Support
* Added Signature Spoofing
* Added Navigation bar visibilty controls
* Added Custom Ambient display options
* Added Face Unlock
* Added Swipe up on keyguard to use Face Unlock
* Added back cool lottie animations in settings
* Added POSP Volume plugins styles
* Added Lock screen media artwork Blur
* Allow to hide nav gesture navbar
* Allow to customise the length of gesture navbar
* Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
* Added toggle for media artwork on-off
* Added OOS style QS tiles
* Fixed QS footer side margin.
* Fixed QS header info layout
* Added Roaming indicator toggle
* Added Less boring Headsup
* Allow hiding lock icon on LS 
* Added Toggle for QS footer text
* Allow customizing footer text
* Allow to disable qs footer warnings
* Added keyguard battery bar in AOD on charging
* Added KG Animations for LS charging
* Added toggle for charging animation
* Added status bar notification count
* Added VoLTE icon toggle
* Added User-selectable multiple VoLTE icons.
* Added Ambient Pulse
* Added Ambient Text
* Added Ambient image
* Added Status bar clock & date customizations
* Added Status bar clock/date left/right position customizations
* Added vibration pattern from OOS
* Allow choosing a custom vibration patterns
* Add drawable for Private DNS
* Moved Notch Cutout to Display settings
* Added icons to settings submenus
* Added package name to installed app details
* Added new opensource backup provider Seedvault
* Added back SELinux info
* Added Developer options toast insulter
* Allow the user to change the BackupTransport
* Added animations on some preferences
* Added all gesture preview animations
* Remove dividers and improve about phone layout
* Display fstype for mounted volumes
* Added haptic feedback for torch if screen is off
* Added Extended audio panel
* Added Audio panel switching option
* Added Auto brightness toggle in QS
* Allow to showing brightness slider above QS footer
* Added toggle for bottom bightness slider in QS panel
* Added Pixel Navbar animation toggle
* Added User selectable multiple VoWiFi icon
* Added Extreme Battery saver (Flipendo)
* Added QS Header data usage info
* Added ability to show daily/monthly data usage
* Added Legacy app scale full screen ratio
* Add and use Mobile Data panel
* Fixed background colouring for settings themed icons
* Switched to MetroMusicPlayer
* Many more under the hood changes,fixes & optimisations

This is the 2nd release of MSM Xtended based Android 11.0 / R and we have tried to make the best of it.

Please feel free to share your feedback, suggestions & issues with logs. If you enjoyed XQ builds, we would request you to help us through donations.


“Rest in Power Martin Coulon”

Best Regards Team-Xtended

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