MSM Xtended XQ Tribute To Martin Coulon

Hello Everyone,

As It’s already mid of September and Android 11 Sources are out as well, so we will like to release the Final Build of Android Q/10 aka XQ.

And as it’s a final build of XQ, we would like to dedicate this to our beloved, Martin Coulon of GZOSP ROMs. Without him, Xtended would have been a dream till now.

Thus, we are calling this build as - “Tribute To Martin Coulon” !!!

Let’s move To Changelog for this Special Build -:

That’s All for we have. We have tried our best to give you all a stable sweet experience of Android 10. We hope we will be coming with Android 11 Builds soon, though no ETAs.

Please feel free to share your feedback, suggestions & issues with logs. If you enjoyed XQ builds, we would request you to help us through donations.


“Rest in Power Martin Coulon”

Best Regards Team-Xtended

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