Xtended XR v8.0

Changelog for Xtended XR v8.0 -:

* Merged July Security Patch (android-11.0.0_r39)
* Bump Xtended Version to XR-v8.0
* QS clock: Fix clock color resetting
* Added signature spoofing
* Fix guest icon is not clickable after adding user 
* Added optional haptic feedback on back gesture
* Addeed Navigation Long Swipe
* Added back swipe gestures deadzone
* Added partial screenshot
* Disabled assist hint on LS
* Rework on QS drag handle
* Added Pulse visualizer LS/Nav/Ambient
* Added notification ticker
* Added ambient Music ticker
* Added SB hide toggle 
* Added statusbar weather
* Added statusbar NFC icon
* FOD improvements
* Launcher: Added Icon size
* Launcher: Added Font size
* Launcher: Show/Hide icon label on desktop
* Launcher: Show/hide icon label in drawer
* Launcher: Added Hidden app
* A lot of changes & optimisation here & there.

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