Xtended XR v9.0

Changelog for Xtended XR v9.0 -:

* Merged August Security Patch r40.
* Bump Xtended Version to XR-v9.0.
* Added Statusbar Weather Customizations.
* Added transparent overlay for GesturalNavBar, (Pulse without gesture pill).
* Added Optional QS borders.
* Added Optional QS Header borders.
* Added Settings Searchbar Styles.
* Added Aggressive Battery.
* Added Per App Network Isolation.
* Added New Gradient based Date & weather background styles.
* Added Random Color option for Edge lighting.
* Added Power Menu Background filter.
* Added Power Menu Transparency.
* Added OOS Volume panel.
* Added ShapeShift Volume panel.
* Added Per App volume.
* Added Pocket mode.
* Added MD2 Switch styles.
* Added Retro Switch styles.
* Added OOS 11 Switch styles.
* Added Android S Switch styles.
* Added Max LS Notification count.
* Added Hiding Notification header toggle.
* Added Separate Pulse Brightness config.
* Added Separate AOD Brightness config.
* Added OOS Tint style options.
* Added Android12 Tint style options.
* Added Flashlight Blink on incoming calls.
* Added Breathing Missed call/sms/voicemail.
* Added Ringtone Vibration pattern preview.
* Dialer: Added auto proximity speakerphone.
* Dialer: Added auto answer.
* Dialer: Added smart mute.
* Messaging: Improved dark theme.
* Fixed Lockout Issue while incoming calls.
* Fixed RED color vibration icon on QS.
* Removed duplicate Nfc toggle.
* Disabled FOD when strong authentication required.

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