Xtended XT v5.0

Changelog for Xtended XT-v5.0 A13 Build -:

* Release version bump to v5.0
* Merged feb SP r30
* Added disable QS on lockscreen
* Fixed unlimited Google photos
* Fixed safteynet failing
* Added smart charging (Device specific)
* Added Lock screen media art
* Added Media art blur level adjustment
* Added album art filter
* Added Quick QS pulldown
* Ambient Text: added Top Center & Bottom Center Options
* Ambient Text: added random color option
* Added statusbar brightness control
* Added Live volume step
* Added  show Wi-Fi type icon
* Added User configurable Lockscreen clock
* Added QS panel style & design changes
* Added multiple battery styles
* Fixed DT2W on AOD
* Added circle thumb on seekbar
* Added haptics to brightness slider
* Fixed QR scanner not working for few devices
* Added smart pixel
* Allow to disable rippel effect on unlock
* Added back selinux info
* Revamped Launcher3
* Launcher3: Added Icon pack support
* Launcher3: Added Memory info into recents
* Launcher3: Enable keygaurd animation
* Launcher3: Enable local color for popup menu
* Wallpaper & Styles: Added themes color pallet
* Added more Wi-Fi icons
* Added more signal icons
* Added more icon shapes
* Overall system optimization 

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Download ROM :- Release XT-v5.0

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