Xtended XT v3.5

Changelog for Xtended XT-v3.5 A13 Build -:

* Bump up release version to v3.5
* Added compass tile
* Added custom vibration pattern
* Added Double tap to trigger Doze
* Added IME space toggle
* Added kill button to notification guts
* Added Max LS notification count toggle
* Added on the go tile
* Added OOS vibration pattern
* Added partial screenshot
* Added QS pull down with one finger
* Added Refresh rate settings category
* Added screenshot shutter sound toggle
* Added Sensor block per package switch
* Added smart pull down
* Added toggle for GamesProp (for Higher FPS)
* Added toggle for lockscreen album art
* Added toggle to disable ripple effect on unlock
* Added User selectable LS notification count for notification panel 
* Allow to configure or disable album art blur
* Allow to QS pull down status bar anywhere
* Fixed brightness slider padding
* Fixed double unlock sound
* Fixed Live Display tile reset on reboot
* Fixed Long swipe gesture actions
* Fixed QS panel scroll if vertical layout enabled
* Fixed recent background tint
* Fixed screen flickering when using one handed mode 
* Fixed SliceView layout on lockscreen
* Redesign seekbar
* User selectable album art blur radius
* Improved system optimization

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Download ROM :- Release XT-v3.5

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