Xtended XS Tribute-To-VladimirS

Changelog for Xtended XS Tribute-To-VladimirS A12 Build -:

* Merged feb security patch r29
* Added hardware key customization support
* Added volume cursor controll
* Added configurable wake keys
* Added pulse rounded lines
* Fixed Navbar mode changing issue
* Allow hiding gestural navbar
* Added SB colored icons
* Fixed location indicator stuck in some cases
* Allow toggling camera/mic privacy indicators
* Show battery level for all devices
* Added option to forcing small clock on LS
* Added screen off animations
* Added Playing now info on LS
* Improved Music ticker layout
* Fixed QS flashing on FOD Unlock
* Allow disabling ripple effect on unlock
* Fixed heads up blacklists/stoplists initial on boot 
* Improved QS column count settings
* Added QS hide on secure LS
* Added monet to fingerprint authentication ripple animation 
* Disabled blur wakeup animation 
* Disabled all caps for smart reply button text 
* Open WifiPanel on LongClick
* Added per app volume
* Reduced status bar network speed margins 
* Fixed Music resumed to speaker after call 
* Added Google systemui stub
* Added option to change power usage provider
* A lot of other systemwide fixes & optimizations.

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