Xtended XS v2

Changelog for Xtended XS v2 A12 Build -:

* Merged Jan 2022 security patch r26
* Added Gaming Mode
* Added Media notification customizations
* Added Vibration pattern
* Fixed Lockscreen media art
* Added smart space
* Added scramble pin layout
* Added quick unlock
* Added multiple pattern size
* Added SB & QS logo
* Fixed DT2W on AOD
* Added hiding navbar option
* Added Pulse
* Added pulse to QS Panel
* Added Pulse to custom gravity
* Extend Pulse to ambient screen
* Extend Pulse to QS panel
* Added album art filter
* Added VoWiFi icons
* Override VoLTE icon with VoWiFi icon
* Allow to disable Footer warnings
* Allow to open Running services from QS panel
* Added QS footer icon visibilities & customizations
* Added Custom SB signal & WiFi icons
* Added back UDFPS icon & animations
* Added custom UDFPS icon picker
* Redesign seekbar
* Added QS colomns count settings
* Added FPS tile
* Added smart pull down
* Added pocket mode
* Added landscape battery icon
* System wide fixups & optimizations

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