Xtended XS First-Blood

Changelog for Xtended XS First-Blood initial A12 Build -:

* Merged December 2021 patch r_16
* Bump Xtended version to XS First-Blood
* Theme Room With Custom Monet
* Multiple Dark Theme options
* Edge lighting customizations
* Power menu animations
* QS Tiles Animations
* Volume key Music control 
* Three finger Swipe to screenshot
* Double tap to sleep Gestures (SB & LS)
* Lockscreen shortcuts
* LS media art & blur level
* Lockscreen charging info
* Hide botton shortcuts
* Udfps (FOD) haptic feedback
* System Navigation customizations
* Heads up
* Less boaring heads up
* Show notifications count
* Notification Headers
* Breathing SMS
* Breathing Missed Call
* Breathing Voicemail
* Power/reboot menu opacity
* Power/reboot dialog dim background
* Hide on lockscreen
* Power UI items ( Like On-The-Go in power menu)
* Show brightness slider
* Show brightness slider on bottom
* Show brightness slider in Quick QS panel
* Adaptive brightness button
* Vibrate QS tiles on touch
* Quick QS pulldown
* Clock and date customizations
* Traffic indicators customizations
* Statusbar battery indicator customizations
* Carrier label customizations
* Status bar logo customizations
* Select VoLTE/HD icon
* Show/Hide Location Privacy Indicator
* Show 4g instead of LTE
* VoLTE icon customizations
* Show data disabled icon
* Roaming indicator enable/Disable
* Old mobiletype icon enable/Disable
* Burn in protection
* Wake up on charge
* Charging animation
* Toast app icon
* Rounded corners
* Rounded corner radius
* Status bar left/right padding
* Turn off Wi-Fi automatically
* Bluetooth timeout
* Link ring & notification volumes
* Increase ring volume
* Multisim ringtone selection

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