Xtended XR vX.r

Changelog for Xtended XR vX.r Final Build -:

* Merged October 2021 patch r_46
* Bump Xtended version to XR-vX.r
* Fixed Pulse color if system accent being used
* Fixed double haptic issue on back gesture
* Fixed Landscape Battery battery icon on power saver mode
* Added Enable/Disable & interval switches for burn*in*protection
* Added Statusbar Colors (from Oreo. Thanks to XXMrHyde)
* Added Landscape & Left text battery SB icon
* Added Big circle & Big dotted circle SB battery icon
* Added Ticker font styles
* Added Xtended idle manager
* Added Custom Image support for QS Header (Not the common one)
* Added Shadow Option for QS Custom Header image
* Added Shadow Option for QS Panel Custom image
* Added VPN Support in tethering
* Added Setting's Homepage Spacer styles (Static Image, Custom Image & Text)
* Added Font Style for Spacer Text
* Added Panel background styles
* Added our Xtended version of Panel background
* Added our gradient & reverse gradient version of Kace Panel
* Added Kace Panel for QS Panel & QS header
* Added seekbar for Left/Right SB padding
* Added Notification Header & Dismiss All icon gravity customizations
* Added multiple style for Notification seprator
* Added Icon Selection for Dismiss all button
* Added Coloring option Dismiss all button
* Added A12 style media player view
* Added KOSP LS clock (with out flavor)
* Added Pulse to QS panel
* Added gravity options for pulse
* Added Horizontal Mirror for pulse
* Added Vertical Mirror for pulse
* Added 4 new QS Tile styles
* Added 2 more Tint styles
* Added Xtended Style QS tile tint style
* Added haptics to long click for xtensions in QS settings icon
* Added Automated DC dimming (Device Specific)
* Added Kill App tile
* Added Smart Charge Tile
* Added Sensor Off QS tile
* Added Volume Button to Answer Call
* Added configurable wake keys (HW Key Devices Only)
* Added Home Button while ringing control (HW Key Devices Only)
* Added Swap HW Keys (HW Key Devices Only)
* Added Wake To Unlock Toggle (Device with Hw FP Only)
* Added Manual Rotation Button for HW Key Devices as well (HW Key Devices Only)
* Added Clipboard Toast Options
* Added Qs Battery Location (Nr. Signals or In Header)
* Added Edge Light width (Thank You Ali & AICP)
* Added Edge Light layout for Top & Bottom
* Added Xtended A12 clock
* Added Dialer Swipe Actions (right swipe for text n left swipe for call)
* Added Dialer Speed Dial like OOS (Thanks to Octavia Team & Mishra Ji)
* Added Lock Task Option recents
* Added Force Kill Button in Recents
* Added Free RAM/Memory in Recents
* Added Blur & Transparency Options in Launcher3 (Thanks to Bootlegg Dinosaur)

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