Xtended XR vX.0

Changelog for Xtended XR vX.0 -:

Xtended Special Additions ~
* Bump up Xtended version to XR-vX.0
* Added Custom FOD icon (select what you want )
* Introduced System Charging animation (5 new styles)
* Added Option to change system charging animation background (Dim or Transparent)
* Introduce Random accent/gradient system wide
* Added User Selectable VoLTE icon (Dynamic still present)
* Added User Selectable VoWiFi icon (Dynamic still present)
* QS Tint: made Gradient Effect in QS optional and added default Android Style
* Added QS Tile Size customizations
* Added Custom Image Option in Qs & Status Bar Logo
* Added Size Option to only Qs Custom Logo
* Added Charging Full Notification Option
Other Usefull Additions ~
* Merged September security patch r_43
* Added Bluetooth timeout feature
* Added Wi-Fi timeout feature
* Added QS drag handle hide/show option
* Added One shot brightness option
* Added HotSpot user/client manager
* Added Ambient Now playing with Bottom/Center/Disabled option
* Added option to enable/disable up/down swipe on single tap ambient display
* Added New Gaming Mode
* Added Hardware Keys Disable Option for Hw Key Devices while in Gaming Mode
* Added Allow hiding FOD Icon on doze (Not disabled)
* Added Automated Sleep Mode
* Added Media Artwork to Notification Music Player (in Qs)
* Added simple fade filter to the media artwork
* Added lottie animations for KG clock styles (only Sammy)
* Added setting for KG lottie animation size
* Added Flippendo (Extreme Battery Saver)
* Added Launcher Settings & Many Improvents inside Launcher
* Bring back old style mobile data indicators
* Added MAC address firewall
* Added StatusBar Brightness Control
* Added Option to disable Permission Hub
* Added option to Select CloudFare n AdGuard DNS
* Added Xtended, Deadpool & Tri color FOD icons
* Added redwave FOD animation
* Fixed FOD animations and Selection Mis-Match.
* Fixed Custom Text Clock not following System Accent 
* Fixed safteynet failing
* Fixed Charging Bar & Charging Texts Overlap on some devices
* Removed FOD night light conditionally

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