MSM Xtended XR v3.0

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all are doing good.

As the Security Patch is out, we are on a task to update every device associated with us. As always, along with patches we have added a few goodies gathered from here and there.

Let’s see what we got for MSM Xtended XR v3.0 -:

* Merged December security Patch r21
* Release version bump to v3.0
* Allow to set back swipe deadzone
* Allow to set back gesture height
* Enable Quick Wallet settings for all devices with NFC
* Bring back 2-button navigation bar
* Unlock keystone with fingerprint after reboot (Disabled for encrypted device)
* Fingerprint authentication vibration
* Allow hiding notification headers
* Show carrier name of opposite slot in Data switch tile label
* Allow to quickly open Running savices from QS panel
* Added Batterybar
* Introduce Adaptive Playback
* Add kill button to notification guts
* Added pocket lock, pocket judge & pocket bridge
* Implement click to take partial screenshot toggle
* Added FPS Info overlay Tile
* Skip screen on animation when wake and unlock via biometrics
* Bring back Gaming mode
* Bring back old style mobile data indicators
* Append app name to screenshot's file name
* Added Toast Icon switch
* Added Double Top to trigger Doze
* Remove black QS status bar background
* Added Running Services to Icon Toggle
* Added Edit Icon Toggle
* Added Hardware keys disable support
* Added Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen toggle
* Added toast when a screenshot is deleted
* Show current and new version on apk installation
* Added Option to mute media with gesture
* Added Smart Pixels
* Added Smart QS Pulldown
* Added toggle for notifications smart reply
* Fixed random SystemUI crashes with some volume panel styles
* Added Long swipe Advanced gestures
* Add blinking stop dot and low quality options to screenrecord
* Fix gradient message display for reboot to recovery in RebootTile
* Forward port CM Screen Security settings
* Theme settings dashboard icons
* Fixed Quick QS columns
* Squash of app fw restriction commits
* Add support for per app network isolation
* Added 3 new SB icon shapes namely Kai, Viktor ,Sam
* Added 2 new launcher icon shapes namely Heart & Mallow icon shape
* Disable 'Mobile data' selection after removing SIM
* Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
* Added AOSP clock picker in ThemeRoom
* Disable night light when showing FOD
* Added Screen off fingerprint
* Added FOD recognizing animations
* Added FOD icon picker

Please do share your reviews and feedback HERE. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

Hope You All Enjoy the XR Release v3.0.

Download ROM :- Release v3.0

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