MSM Xtended XQ Release v11.5

Hello Everyone,

We wish you all to be healthy, happy, safe & sound.

Here we are coming again with a new “major-bug fix” update of MSM-Xtended. There are a few cool things added along with some of major bug fixes.

Let’s check it out -:

• Added Linotte font
• Removed QsPanel divider by setting bg transparent
• Added VoWiFi Icon Toggle
• Added support VoWIFI icons
• Fix navbar when IME space is hidden
• Added GVM chooser adjustment
• Fixed missing permissions of los snapcam for device personalizations
• Switched to QP Gallery
• Update overlays & permissions for device personalizations
• Updated prebuilt apps(ViaBrowser & Gboard)
• Xtensions Styling
• Fixed fc for certain devices on lockscreen charging info
• Added DU's pulse navbar
• Allow SBC as HD audio codec in Bluetooth device configuration
• Add switch to select SBC HD by default
• Added missing strings for SBC Dual Channel
• Added A2DP codec priority
• Updated DataSwitchTile SIMs QS icons.
• Added support for per app network isolation
• Added Pebble icon shape
• Added new icon shapes from Android R
• QsStyle & Icon Primary: clean up + fixes
• Redesigned BatteryMeterView
• Added Settings Lottie Animations
• Xtensions: beautification sequel 2
• Xtensions: UI Makeover
• Fixed OTA updater( From next release OTA's will be available for all devices)

Many Other Device Side Changes. Kindly Check About Phone changelog sections for more details.

Please do share your reviews and feedback HERE. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

Hope You All Enjoy the XQ Release v11.5.

Download ROM :- Release v11.5

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